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Lumecca® IPL

We are industry experts when it to comes to IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) rejuvenation for the face, neck and hands.

We offer the market-leading IPL platform to achieve nothing less than amazing results.

Skin rejuvenation using IPL is designed to reduce the appearance of a number of specific skin problems for Fitzpatrick Skin Type levels 1-3.

If you’ve got skin concerns such as pigmentation, age spots, redness, rosacea, sun damage, broken capillaries or acne scarring, we can treat them with Lumecca® IPL.

Lumecca® Cooling Technology

Thanks to its large applicator size and high repetiton pulse rate, Lumecca® IPL has a significantly reduced treatment time compared to other leading lasers.

Unlike some traditional IPL machines, the procedure is extremely tolerable due to its Crystal Ice Tip constantly cooling the skin as it passes over.

Due to its unique wavelength, the dual system can also be used to treat acne by reducing inflammation and targeting breakout-causing bacteria.

Lumecca® - The Photoshop for your skin

Described as the ‘PhotoShop’ for your skin, Our 30 minute ‘Lunch Time IPL Facial’ follow correctional protocols using Lumecca®, meaning minimal downtime, zero pain, so you can go straight back into your normal everyday routine.

More reasons why you might choose Lumecca® IPL is our particular handpiece is one of the safest in existence, giving you complete peace of mind when dealing with such delicate areas.

Our professional laser & IPL specialists are individually selected to administer your IPL treatment..

Lumecca® Combination Therapies

At Rebecca Rennolds Clinic, we also see great results with combination therapies. Lumecca® and Morpheus8 together is a great treatment choice for those in need of surface correction (sun damage/ age spots/ redness) but also wanting to address jowls or sagging skin, on the face, neck, and hands

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There may be questions you have about the Lumecca® IPL treatment - don't worry - many people do! We've listed our most common ones here. If you have any other questions, please get in touch, we're happy to help!

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. It is a procedure where a high-intensity pulse of light is used to treat areas of the skin where there is sun damage, age spots, dark spots, rosacea, redness, acne scars, or fine lines and wrinkles. IPL is also commonly referred to as IPL photofacial, photorejuvenation, or broadband light.

You can use IPL on the face, neck, chest and hands to treat pigmentation, sun damage acne scarring and wrinkles, redness including Rosacea, capillaries, and veins. IPL is most commonly performed on the face, neck, chest and hands since those are usually the body parts that are exposed to the sun most often.

After your first treatment, you will immediately notice cleaner, clearer, brighter, and smoother skin.

Over the next 24-48 hours you may see a darkening of the pigmented spots. During the following week the pigmented skin will flake off, (with minimal downtime), leading to an overall more even and uniform complexion.

When treating vascular areas, you may see the capillaries blanch ( disappear) or change in colour which will dissipate after several days.

Regular, frequent treatments lead to optimal results. Improvements will accelerate after each additional session. Please note that everyone’s skin is unique and individual results may vary.

An improved skin appearance can be noted after the first session, however for optimal results we recommend starting the process off with a course of 6 Lumecca® facials, and to maintain those results we recommend maintenance courses of 3 Lumecca facials.

Multiple sessions provide maximum better results. The treatment regime depends on the severity of skin damage, skin type, type of treatment (vascular vs sun damage), and energy settings.

The skin is numbed with topical anaesthetic 45 minutes – 1-hour pre-treatment. During the procedure, you may feel some mild-moderate heat or stinging. This is usually very well tolerated.

After treatment, there is local skin redness (erythema), swelling (edema), and the sensation of heat that can last anywhere from 24-48 hours.