Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal

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Here at Rebecca Rennolds Clinic, we are specialists in medical grade laser hair removal, with a wonderful team of highly trained laser practitioners, dedicated to delivering amazing results and customer care. Our state of the art Primelase laser hair removal machine, is one of the fastest and most powerful hair removal systems on the market. Being the only laser machine that uses a combination between SSL (Solid State Laser) and diode laser, a large spot size, dual work modes & four wavelengths, Primelase hair removal provides the quickest, safest and most effective laser hair removal.

Our laser machine has crystal freeze technology, meaning the system constantly monitors the temperature of the laser head, guaranteeing a constant temperature of 5 degrees Celsius at the tip of the hand piece at all times, providing safe treatments. This cold by contact technology, cools the skin throughout treatment, to ease any pain and make your laser treatment much more comfortable.

We offer permanent laser hair removal treatments for all areas of the body. Please refer to the price list for our packages and courses available. A consultation and patch test is required before the course of treatment begins to determine the correct course of treatment for you.

For any questions, please see our FAQ's page.

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Permanent hair removal is achieved in a short time, improving the quality of the skin. It also helps to remove cystic hair and improves problems with folliculitis, ingrown hairs, carbuncles, hypertrichosis and hidradenitis.
Laser hair removal requires multiple treatment sessions as we can only remove hair in the growth phase known as anagen. The number of sessions depends on the area to be treated, the thickness and colour of the hair, skin type and the specific needs of each patient. This will be advised at consultation. We usually recommend to start with a course of 6 to achieve permanent hair removal - for some this may be enough, others may require a few extra top up sessions.
Hairs treated by our Primelase HR machine should not grow back, however we can only treat hairs in the growing stage i.e. visible on the skin surface. So multiple treatments are required to treat the maximum number of hairs in the skin, as the hairs progress from the dormant phase to the growing phase. Hormonal changes, such as pregancy or the menopause can cause new hairs to grow, so in that instance top up sessions may be required.
Our laser machine uses crystal freeze technology to maximise comfort. It's cold by contact technology cools the skin to maintain a temperature of 5 degrees during the whole treatment to make it as comfortable as possbile. We also use a cooling gel throughout treatment.
The duration depends on the size of the area to be treated. Due to our large spot size, the treatments are super fast. To put it in perspective, an underarm laser appointment would take a matter of minutes. Full legs take about 10 minutes at the most.
The patient should avoid sunbathing, using self-tanning lotions and discolouring the hair the days prior to treatment to avoid discolouring of the skin. From the moment treatment starts, avoid the use of tweezers, waxing, electrolysis or any other type of hair removal systems which remove hair by the root. Pre and post-care will be discussed thoroughly at your consultation.
Laser hair removal will help with unwanted facial/body hair due to hormonal conditions. However, those who do have hormonal conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (POS) may require more frequent treatments as new hairs can start to come through that weren't treated before and laser hair removal can't prevent that. It also may take a little longer to see results and more sessions may be required. It is definitely worth having to keep the issue at bay.
A lot of people notice a huge difference after the first session. The reason multiple sessions are needed is to target each hair growth cycle as new hairs come through. After the first treatment, it usually takes about 3 weeks to notice a difference. Things you will notice are; slower regrowth, patch areas and thinner hair.
There are a few reasons you may not be able to have laser hair removal treatment. These include pregancy, breastfeeding, recent exposure to sun/sun beds, topical or oral medication that causes photosensitivity and surgical metal pins/plates under the area. A thorough consultation is mandatory prior to starting your laser sessions, so the practitioners can ensure you are suitable for treatment.
The risks are minimal and most of them are reversible. The most common reactions include redness, residual erythema, perifollicular edema or inflamed follicles. These tend to disappear in a matter of days. We always advise applying aloe vera gel between sessions to help soothe the area.